Violinmaking is not a dying art - but it is a rare one.  Luthiers who are fully trained, skilled, and experienced are artists who have spent years studying, analyzing, and practicing their craft to razor sharpness.  They have chosen not to be in the spotlight, but instead to focus their energies into that that artistic tool, the instrument and bow itself, with which the musician requires to shine.

At Williams Fine Violins & Luthier Studios, our Luthiers know violins, violas, cellos, double basses and their bows like very few others.  A full service shop, we feature Tennessee’s largest selection of instruments in every price range, new and old instruments, in perfect working order, and adjusted to the highest standards.  Understanding the needs of a diverse clientele, musicians who’s talents, training, and interests range from Celtic to orchestral, from jazz to country, from pop to classical, and from back porch to recording studio, our diverse team of Luthiers can help you choose and maintain your perfect instrument.

For any need, concern, or question you may have, we warmly invite you to visit us soon.

1218 17th Avenue South / Nashville, Tennessee 37212 USA

Located in Nashville’s famous Music Row neighborhood

615-429-2927 / 1-888-791-4208

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