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Williams Fine Violins Instrument & Bow Buyer’s Guide

Important Considerations

Definitions and Terms: How to Describe an Instrument’s Tone and Playability

Bow Checklist

To State the Obvious

Only work with a reputable violin shop that truly works on, repairs, understands, and specializes in violins, violas, cellos, double basses, and their bows. Generic music stores that also sell guitars, pianos, band instruments, drums, and the like, are not specialists. These stores are staffed by well-meaning musicians who are seldom string instrument players and are commonly not trained or experienced luthiers. The instruments and bows in most generic music stores and online are not always the best price and value and are usually either in very poor condition or set up in such a way that inhibits playability. Patronizing a full-service violin shop, such as Williams Fine Violins, will guarantee a positive experience with responsible professionals who are dedicated to you and to the instruments and bows they service and sell.

Williams Fine Violins stands behind our instruments and bows with a 100% trade-in/trade-up policy. Assuming that the instrument or bow you purchased from us is not damaged or broken, when you are ready for an upgrade in quality, you will receive 100% of the instrument or bow’s sale price when you trade it in for an instrument or bow of higher price. This is because we are confident that what we sell, when cared for, will either hold or increase in value over the years.

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