Dustin Art Williams
Dustin Art Williams
Sarah Bystrom

The Luthier Studios

The luthiers, violin makers, and instrument repairmen at Williams Fine Violins represent the finest collection of talent and training in Tennessee and in the “Old South”.

We are all dedicated to our art not only in a professional way, but in a life-long, personal way.  A total commitment to each and every instrument and bow, to bring it to its full potential wether it be an instrument in need of a new string to one which has been terribly damaged though accident or abuse, is what we offer.

If you need the finest, the best possible care for your violin, viola, cello, bass, bow, or mandolin, this is where Nashville’s professionals come, and it is where all are welcome!

Expensive?  No – not compared to most and certainly not as expensive as shops in Chicago, New York, or Atlanta.  Our repair estimates are made up front before any work is started.  We will give honest evaluations of what may need to be done, explain the process of repair, and try our hardest to repair it as quickly as possible.

Come and visit us – we warmly invite you to see us in action!

What is a “Luthier”?

LUTHIER – [loo-tee-er] n. (lit. “lute maker”) A maker of stringed instruments, as violins.

A person who builds or repairs stringed instruments, either bowed or plucked. These include violins, violas, cellos, double basses, guitars of all kinds, lutes, and mandolins.

The French word lutherie, used in both French and English, refers to the art of constructing string instruments. The name luthier harkens back to the time when lutes were the dominant instrument of the day.

In the USA, the term “luthier” is used by specialists; more widely known terms tend to specify the exact specialty of each particular maker (“lute maker” or “violin maker,” etc. “Violinmaker” is also a common term for luthiers who do not merely specialize in violins, but in all the instruments from the entire violin family).