Williams Fine Violins is proud to have a violin, viola, cello, and bass rental program that is simple, straight-forward, and generous to your pocket book and your needs.  No deposits, no minimum rental time, no hidden fees, an optional insurance plan, no hassles, top quality instruments, and help whenever you need us. It is no wonder that we are the most recommend source for rentals in Tennessee.

Our rental instruments are in such high demand, we occasionally do run short of supply.  Our high standards are well known in music education circles, which keeps us busy helping new musicians, eager students, and curious parents. 

We have a 100% trade-in/trade-up policy so that if you need a different size or a better instrument, all you have to do is bring the instrument that you purchased from us back to us and we will accept 100% of its equity towards another instrument. This is assuming the instrument is not damaged and in proper playing condition otherwise repair costs will be deducted.  Beware: If you are considering renting an instrument from another source, check for “trade-in” fees or “reconditioning” fees – these can be up to $200 depending upon where you may go!

All of the “fine print” is given here on this page for both the Regular Rentals and the Premium Violin Rentals.  If you have questions, please contact us.  We invite you to compare our instruments and our plan with any other company or store, anywhere.


Violin – $15, $20, and $25
Viola – $20 and $25
Cello – $45 and $55
Bass – $75 (supply very limited, call for availability)

Optional Instrument Maintenance Program:

The Maintenance Program covers all major damages that may happen to the instrument.  It covers everything except regular maintenance/replacements for strings, bridges, and bows. (The Optional Instrument Maintenance Program fee may not be applied towards the purchase of the instrument.)

Monthly Maintenance Program Rates:

Violin – $3.50
Viola – $3.50
Cello – $7
Bass – $12


      • First twelve months’ rent can be applied towards the purchase of the instrument
      • After twelve months, 20% of the monthly rental fee may be used towards the instrument’s purchase
      • All sizes are available for Regular Rentals (Full size only for Premium Rentals)
      • Different price ranges for different quality instruments
      • 100% trade-in/trade-up policy
      • Free exchange on when changing to a different size
      • Rent month by month
      • No long term contract necessary
      • Fiberglass or wood bow (with horsehair)
      • Wittner tailpieces with four fine tuners
      • Ebony pegs and fingerboards
      • Professional set-up and adjustment on each instrument
      • Violin/Viola hard shell case with name/case tag included with Regular Rental
      • Cello/Bass soft case with name/case tag
      • Premium Violin Rentals may have added features and upgrades
      • A valid credit/debit Card is required for all rentals
      • Fees above are per month
      • These are quality instruments that are also for sale!

Premium Violin Rentals: Most of our higher quality, full-sized violins in the $650 to $1,250 sale price range are now eligible for monthly rental.  You can choose to rent the violin alone or as an outfit. Premium rates start at $30/month and the optional maintenance program rate is $7/month.

To read the full Rental Term and Conditions, click here.